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Simple Upper Body/Abs Band Workout While Traveling

We all know that getting a workout in while on vacation can sometimes be challenging, or sometimes, a little unmotivating after that jet lag and margaritas to get into the gym. One of the simplest solutions I have found is bringing resistance bands with you! They are tiny to pack, so simple, quick, affordable, don't require a gym, and allow you to use them wherever you can (Think airport, beach, ill-equipped gym, no gym access, or hotel room). Whether you want to use them for full body or isolated, YOU CAN. Heck, you can even use these at home!

Here are my favorite bands to purchase:

Here's my favorite upper body and ab workout I have found. Why? It's simple, about 30 minutes total, hits all the right muscles, and gives me variety other than doing push-ups and sit-ups. Side note: I actually couldn't do pushups for the longest time after my mastectomy so finding upper body workouts that work for me is a huge win!

If you want to increase the resistance you can, or double up on the workout!

Always remember that fitness doesn't have to be overly complicated. Sometimes a functional, simple, and focused workout on the beach is perfect! Strive for progress not perfection. Breathe deep. Move with intention. Do it out of love for your body rather than appearance. Happy wellness, friends!



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