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Your Body Wants Love

I used to work out to look fit. But, since going through the c-word (with no cancer history in my family or my genes) at 27, my idea of my body completely changed. I intimately learned how wellness is more than an outer appearance. It's our cells, our mind, our emotions, what we fuel it, and what we deprive it of that it desperately wants. Your body wants love. In and out. I learned how much mine is my temple. How much yours is your temple. It's AMAZING how powerful, strong, and intuitive our bodies are at our natural states. Mine CRAVES the ocean, the sun, the fresh air, the salt water, and physical activity for hours PLAYING on the beach. Fueling my body is a lot more about fueling my soul these days. I choose to honor it. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. What fuels your body?


If you want to purchase my book on my c-word journey you can purchase on the homepage or on Amazon


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